The painting of Catarina Machado is the direct consequence of her personal connection with the ocean.

Even if I sound presumptuous by using these words, I dare say that Catarina paints as a learned mermaid would paint – passionately communicating all the feelings that she catches from her vital and energetic surroundings.

“Painting is a mental thing” but in this case it is also physical, rhythmical and invigorating.

To observe Catarina’s painting is to feel the emotion emanating from the elliptical force of the waves, not the grandiose display but instead the challenge that incorporates its trajectory through the translucent and multicoloured density of the liquid space visualizing the structure of the rules that command the eternal flowing.

Catarina Machado through the rapid and precise movement of her handwriting expresses her passionate connection with the imposing environment and invites us to participate in her personal experiences through the multicoloured forms that suggest the constant flowing of a fantastic dance that has no beginning and will have no end.

When we gaze at her work we are impelled to meditate on our own physical and emotional condition.

Aren’t we, each one of us human beings, a sea of ever changing thoughts, sensations, emotions and desires, in permanent interrogation, finding great difficulty to discern our own interior abysses?

Catarina Machado with her radiant colours and her strong vital attitude summons in her painting the pulsing that connects with the cosmic energy that is inside every one of us.


Margarita de Lucas, Madrid 2003