In Jornal Expresso (25/03/05)


Excerpt from the text written by Alexandre Pomar in “Jornal Expresso” (25/03/05):

(…)”This transition to the painting achieved by other means – and with different optical values of insightful result –opens a road ahead leading to the more traditional practice where the exercise of making and the vestige of the hand imply a tactile visibility that can be as much or even more significant than the presence of the shapes and the suggestion of the senses.

This is what happens with Catarina Machado, To her it is the marks of the gestures that make their own conversion into image. The quadrangle cuts itself becoming a central bareness in the white canvas that is invaded or attacked by the blotches of colour, shapeless or organized in circles and flat areas developing from the edges inwards, as if in a corporal fight with the painting, showing a physicality in the urgency and in the near finishing of the last brush strokes (this is also a time that inscribes itself in the making of the painting). In other works, in a symmetrical direction, it is the black emptiness that is invaded by the brush stroke of colour.”(…)