The Search for the Intangible 2010


Plastic photography: a clear option. And an option is born from the artistic conception of the creator. In “The Search for the Intangible” Catarina Machado builds, with splashes of art, the woman that makes herself water, the water that covers the soul – the soul that becomes person.

In a succession of silhouettes moulded in sky blue (in dream blue) you find a story to be told, a story that expands and survives, which, more than a story of a simple woman or of a simple man, is the story of all mankind, the story of all humankind. Those humans they are movement, they are rhythm, they are a succession of mirrors, of more or less diffused reflexes, of bodies that cross paths, that embrace, that meet themselves – the story of every woman and of every man, in search of themselves every single day, tirelessly. Desperately looking for their own self.

Fragments, blank spaces and fulfilled spaces. Ephemerality, in all the works the inevitable ephemerality. The impotence of your will to be, of obsessively fighting to be, to achieve to be. And nevertheless, painfully, you don’t succeed, you don’t get to be. Going through life without reaching what you one day dreamed of being, craved of being. Going through life without touching it, without touching life. Without being life.

The impotence of being human. The impotence of being only human. Being human is never more than being human (it will never be more than that), something that passed by, that has been there, something that was. Something that vanished.

The hand – the hand as symbol of insufficiency. The fragile hand of someone that does not reach, that does not achieve to touch. The hand that strives to be force, vehicle, bridge. The hand that moves, researches, climbs. The hand – like the remains of a body lost in the shedding water. The hand – and the body. United by the will, craving by desire. The hand and the body – like the water and the human, in one single voice.

The water and the human, arm in arm, skin in skin, body in body, playing with shadows and reflexes that blind and entangle. The water and the human, together, in harmony. The water and the human – as one art only.

In search of the intangible.